Wednesday, March 19, 2008

so long since last post!

Hello everyone! Man it's been a while! Let's see so much has happened since I last wrote, let me get your caught up on the kiddies! My Madyson turned 3 at the end of December! Man does time fly! She is an absolute joy and such an incredible little girl! She is all girl! She loves to play dress up and dolls, barbies, picking out her own cloths and absoutly is a cuddle bug! She is such a blessing to everyone! She goes to dance class every thursday from 4-5 and loves it!!! She surely is my little helper also! She helps me with laundry dinner, she loves to set the table! Loves her little brother also! Bryson who we call either Bryce or Brycers is now 8 1/2 months old! Is absolutly love ! Let's see he eats 3 meals of babyfood a day mostly homemade, but still is addicited to nursing, sometimes he would rather nurse then eat food, and he has in the last 2 weeks started crawling fowards...he has been crawling backwards for quite some time, but man he has taken off! We live in a split level house so it was quite a challenge to find a gate that would fit our stairs! But luckily we did just in the nick of time! He is into everything! he climbs up on the entertainment s/p center and tries to pull him self up or gets in to the video drawer...gotta watch everything he does he also is getting to be not so good of a sleeper these days, I think he may be trying to cute a tooth! On his 8 month bday we got our first tooth on the bottom so exciting! He talks all the time he says dadda momma (very rarely) nana, and makes all kinds of funny noises with is mouth! At his last well doctors visit (6 months) on Jan. 4ths he weighed in at 22 lbs 2 oz. He is in the 98% percentile and he had a sick visit in the middle of last month for an ear infection and he was up to 23 lbs 2 oz so in a little over a month he is still gaining steadily! Let's see I've been having fun with friends from church, keeping the house going, and doing some hair aswell! I'm on the steering team for mops at our church (mothers of preschoolers) and that is going really well! We just had our MOps swap which was fun, you bring things you no longer want nor need and you swap with other moms, so its a good way to recyle your things as well as get somethings you may want or need! On friday we have our annual Easter Egg hunt and lunch! Jayson is keeping busy with work and school and helps out on the media department at church, Here's our church website aswell check it out, and we just found our that our church is going to metioned in an upcoming book coming out next mont I believe called "Pop Goes the Church" so exciting! In the last month God has been teaching me alot, espeically about time management...Puting things first but yet always getting everything done, and that such a good feeling espeically with 2 kids its hard at times! The other thing the Lord has been laying on my heart is a challenge that our pastor gave us a little over a month ago ... in one of his sermons he gave u s a "who's your in your 5" card. It's kinda like the T mobile commericals that say you can call any 5 people on any network for free, well he gave us a sheet that looked just like the one on the comerical and said who are five people you can invest in, 5 people you can pray for daily invest in their lives and get to know better and bring them out to chruch I prayed and I put 5 people on my a couple months God has not only reminded me pray for them, helped me find time to invest in them, and 4 of them have been out to church. One just this last week! It's so amazing the opprotunities God gives you! He is such an awesome God!!! I have learned to trust God so much through this. A few people I was scared to write down simply because I didnt know if I had the boldness......but through prayer God has not only provided the opprotunities to let his light shine, but giving me the right words to say and has put verses in my mind that I didnt even knew I remembered!! God is so good!!! Well dinner is ready so I better get going! HOpe God is doing as many amazing things in your life as he has in ours! God Bless!!