Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Big things!

HI all! It's been a while once again! Big things have happened with the kiddies since I last wrote!  Maydson is quite the little girl! This past weekend we had the privilege of watching her in her very 1st dance recital!!! It was so awesome! It completely brought me to tears watching her up there on stage totally busting a move! She went out there and did such a great job!! I'll be posting some pictures soon! And if i can ever figure out how to youtube it I will!!! Bryson has started doing standing and walking along the furniture! He also has started shaking his head "no" we play this game and we do "Yes and no" He also does so big and is starting clapping and waving also!  He is quite the little talkative guy! It's so funny because as soon as you put him in his high chair he starts screaming laughing and talking!!! It's so funny!  He also is loving his bath! From the second he goes in until the second gets out he splashes!!! It's getting so easy not that they both bathe together!  Today is also his 11 month birthday! It's hard to believe almost a year has gone by! It makes me a little sad to think he's getting so big!  My baby is almost not a baby anymore!!! But he's turning into such a fun little man! It's so exciting because now it seems as though he does something new everyday! He  also has these adorable curls in the back of his hair!  Fun Fun! Madyson is signed up for summer dance class and she's doing a 6 week program and she's in the Princess Fairy class with her teacher who she adores and that's Ms. Holly!  She's great with the kids! The funniest thing about it is she went to grammer  school and high school with Jayson! Talk about a small world!!  We are facing some other challenges right now, but am totally trusting the Lord on these things and scared in some ways yet excited in other ways to see where God may take us!  I know he has amazing things planned for us , but are learning more and more  just to give it up and trust him!  This weekend we will have a  fun filled weekend We are going to good friends of ours wedding this weekend Tony and Jenna on Saturday and on Sunday is Jayson's 30th birthday!! We aren't having anything to big, but some friends and family over for a dessert party to celebrate!!! Should be a lot of fun! WE are looking forward to spend time together with everyone!! Well there is an update on what's been going on in our lives! i hope to post more things soon!! God Bless you and remember FROG (Fully Rely On God!)  xoxo