Sunday, November 21, 2010

Playing Catch up!

I just can't believe that Thanksgiving is upon us and Christmas is just right around the corner! This is With Out A Doubt My Most Favorite Time of The Year!!!!!! Can I just tell you I can't wait to get the fall stuff put away and get the Christmas/Winter Decor out!!! But There this house is in need of some TLC before any of that can happen! I just feel like the weeks have been getting away from me and I just can't catch up! I'm Thankful for tomorrow where I have nothing planned but to get us back in some kind of order!! I need a day to "catch up"

Oh how God has blessed us with these 3 precious precious gems! As challenging as being a wife and Mommy can be, I truly believe it's because of them I have the relationship with God that I do now! Believe me when I tell you that being a Mommy to 3 has its Ups and Downs. Our latest struggle has been 2 things, One our sweet little girl has yet ANOTHER ear infection, she is scheduled to have tubes on the 16th of Dec. and that can't come quick enough! My poor little girl. Over the last 6 -8 months this little girl has suffered from Ear infection after Ear infection, and she seems to have the same problem our little guy Bryce had, The way God designed their little ears the fluid is unable to drain and since we don't live in a "Bubble" *wink* we go to church and Mady is in school and we have MOPS and what not so there is germs and she gets a cold and it turns into an ear infection *whew*! SO needless to say that this Momma and little girl haven't been getting so much sleep especially lately! Some nights are a little more tough than others but I really try to think and act as if this is only a phase and I keep thinking when they get a older I will miss the nights when they need me! But thats tough and it got me thinking Sometimes I think God wants us to stay in a ceritain stage in our Walk with him because he is still working in us and wants to either Show us something new or teach us a lesson that we (I) haven't yet figured out or whatever so for all these *stages* I'm thankful even if they are a little painful. What I have learned is that I'm thankful for this *stage* and For where we are in our life right now even though the nights can be long and mornings seem to come to early...
Here are a couple of pictures I wanted to share of Miss Meya a friend Bern took of her last week..Oh How i can't wait to print them out and frame all these Beautiful Pictures!! Enjoy!!


About The Well said...

She is just so adorable!! What a little blessing. Hope you start to get sleep:)