Sunday, September 12, 2010

We Have a Soccer Player!!

Our Soccer star in the game!
Not so sure and hanging back with Daddy
Daddy helping Brycie with the drills and Mady watching
There he goes dribbling
So cute!!

We are soooo Excited Our Bryce (Brycie is what I call him) is playing Soccer! He's only 3 but it's so fun to watch him! We live in a township that you can start at 3! So he's been dying to play so yesterday was his first day! He plays at 9am so we loaded up the van with the kids and off we went he got up so early that morning so I said a prayer that he would still have fun! He did thank goodness but it was too funny to watch. It got off to a slow start the coach for his team never showed up so then someone stepped in they got their balls and their shirts which btw is like HUGE on him you saw. They gave him a childs med. 10-12 shirt on my little 3t man! LoL to cute though.. SO they were doing little drills and he was dribbling the ball and we were like whoa he has some natural talent well he went off course and landed in the big goal so cute! But then he said he was thirsty and hungry and was over it. He watched a bit and then when it came to play the other team he decided he was ready again lol too cute! All in all it ended up being a great day!! So fun!! ENjoy the pictures!!


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Great stuff, what a great way to keep up with all the joy in your life and reflect on God's blessings.