Thursday, December 4, 2008

So I feel like I haven't blo'gged in forever but honestly there has been a lot going on not stuff for Christmas thats coming up this weekend and then forever after that. It's been crazy just doing every day stuff....I've been babysitting a friend of mine's little boy 4 days a week and things get crazy around here, She goes out on Maternity leave on the 15th so then life may get back to a little normal! It's been great money for Christmas and stuff and I'm going to miss having that cash but I'll be glad that life gets back to normal a little bit, like being able to go out when i want and such!

I haven't done as much Christmas Shopping as I would've liked to by now but I have a few people done and Mady is done, Bryce I still have a few things to get him, and a ton more to go!but I'm not worried it will get done!

Meal planning is going well! I'm excited to have done it for 2 weeks at this point! Ha! I've been praying that the Lord would help me with different aspects of organizing and he has surely helped!!! Jesus has been doing so much in our lives and am so greatufl for all he has done and continues to do!

WE had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend! WE went up to Ocean Grove and spent it with my parents and family it was awesome! Good food good company! WE got to do things we used to do as a kid, like decorate the church I grew up in St. Pauls' UMC in ocean Grove! IT was so fun to do it again, my parent shave done it since I was a little kid. Mady and bryce came and had fun running round and Mady helped a bit too! Jayson and I did a lot of the lifting and decorating with my mom dad and Aunt Sharon and Uncle bob! It was fun! On Sunday we obviously went to parents church Sunday morning and Brycer's was sitting on my mom's lap and right in front of her was her brother Bob my uncle and Bryce says during the prayer "Bob-Bob" "Bob-Bob" it was so cute and defiantly made my Uncle smile and he sat with him for a while too! fun times!!

Now we are just preparing for the MOPS Christmas Tea! We can't wait! We have some awesome things planned!!! I'm working on getting some give aways together, going to different place and trying to see if they will donate something for our mops group! I'm really excited to hear our friend Deanna's Mom speak! Also my dearest friend Sharon will be singing as well! What an exciting time we have planned!!!