Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas is coming!

I for one am super excited that Christmas is coming!! Which I know I blogged about preciously, but am I the only one who still has a ton to do and to shop for? I think I will be so much better after tomorrow, we have our MOPS Christmas tea!! I'm so excited for it! My good friend Sharon is singing and we have a fellow steering team member's mom coming to speak, so we have much to look forward too!!

This weekend we have had a crazy busy weekend!!Tonight Mady is being a sheep in Jayson's Mom's church's Dinner Theatre, yesterday morning we had practice for that, Jayson stayed at practice with Mady girl and Mr. Brycer's and I went did errand running spending some Mommy and Me time! It was crazy b/c life is sooooo easy with just bringing 1 child around!!WE went to walmart to get some things we needed and got gas by the way when I put $25 dollars in my tank of the Explorer it filled it up!! God is good!! it was between empty and a 1/4 of a tank!! Not so bad is it?!!? Then last evening we had our home fellowship CHristmas party!! it was so much fun!! Mady and Bryce had a blast! It was soo nice being with all of our friends and just relaxing enjoying fellowship and some good food!! Then we had Jayson's cousin Georgie come over to babysit so we could attend our friends Annual Christmas party!! we got home from that had a good time and I had to bake 2 happy birthday Jesus cakes for Mady's Sunday School class! ahhh today we had church ad I served at the 10 service with our 1 year old class! but this morning ihad to have some extra time to ice the cakes I made! This afternoon was back to Jayson' mom's church Zion UMC for more practice, Jayson hurt his back, Mady is asleep Brycers just woke and the dinner theatre tonight! Tonight I need to print up the Candy Cane story about how it relates to Jesus and get mini candy canes for the Moppet classes and get everything together for the Tea tomorrow! hopefully we slow down a little bit this week! Although Tuesday night we have the 20 something party and Wednesday evening I have to do some hair! Thursday is Mady's dance class so maybe during the days we have some time to relax also!!! Just writing it down makes me feel a little better it's like i got the craziness off my chest!! You all must think I'm crazy!

On another note the past week or so in my quiet time with the Lord I have been reading over and over the story of the birth of Jesus in Luke and the birth of John the baptist and honestly every time I read the stories whether it be daily or every other day It's like the Lord teaches me something different or God reveals himself more and more to me! It's incredible!

Well I need to get going! I have some laundry I need to put into the dryer and start getting things together for tonight!! Hope you all have a blessed day and praying the Christmas story in Luke touches you as much as it has touched me!!


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