Saturday, November 10, 2007

The loss of a good friend

This week was incredibly hard one for me! I lost an extremely good friend of mine this week to cancer! Jeremy was such a amazing person!! Man did he love the Lord.....Jeremy lived an amazing life. I was blessed to know him for most of my life...We met in Sunday school when we were probably in the 4th grade!! We went not only to church but also school , we graduated together spent all of our summers in Ocean Grove, my home town, doing plays sitting on the beach and spending time with loved ones, friends! The more I think about his life, and the more I think and reminisce about all the fun times we had the more I remember that he didn't lose to cancer he won! He isn't suffering anymore and he is where we will be one day because he had Jesus in his heart and he committed his life to the Lord! He did have some times that he strayed but when the cancer came he turned back to the one thing he knew he could count on and the one thing and person that remains constant in our lives regardless of the choices we make and that is God!! His funeral was one of the most awesome funerals i can say I have gone to in a long time. It celebrated his life, his love for music and his love for God and his amazing out look on life....His cousin spoke and gave awesome testimony of how he spoke to Jer in the last 2 weeks of his life when he knew that his road was coming to an end and how Jeremy just beamed when he spoke about God and how important and easy it was to have God in his life...How easy that made me think it is easy to have him in our life, but yet on a day to day how easy it is to go on and not to think. It made me think about how many people just go on day by day and how they just don't' think about the Lord or even bother to pray or read scripture....I need to dig in to the Word more and more and how with 2 kids how much more I need God more then ever!! I am absolutely blessed to able to stay home...How awesome it is to just be there everyday for my family my kids and how greatful I am to just do the day to day things, such as keep the house make meals and do laundry and most importantly take care of my Husband and my children!! How blessed I truly am! Jeremy's funeral reminded me how short life truly is how how important it is to truly live life to the fullest , but in a God centered way! To take advantage of all that God has given to me .... I feel truly blessed to have Jeremy be a part of my life and to know him not only as a friend but as a brother in Christ!! Father Thank you so much for the life of Jeremy how many lives he touched by his music his smile and his love for you God, you are awesome and thank you for the awesome memories we were able to share Lord you are amazing and thank you for reminding me through Jeremy how much you have given to us and just how to smile and things seem a little better!!! In your sons' precious and holy name! Amen!!!