Sunday, October 28, 2007

Good Morning!

Good Morning!! While the rest of my family is still sleeping, I decided to get a head start on things and get my day going! I love Sundays ! I so look froward to going to church, as does my family! Mady absolutely loves her sunday school class and can't wait to go every week! She is learning so much about God and makes projects/crafts every week! I guess the reason I love sundays so much is because it's a family day and mainly we get to go worship the Lord and give thanks and just be in his presence! There is something so sweet about being in church and feel like he is right there! The spirit is sweet!! My continuous pray is that God allows me to feel his spirit all week long! Unfortunately with 2 kids not that this is an excuse but I some days I just can't find the time to get into the word! So I decided I need to start getting up earlier and making that a priority! God has graciosuly given us so much and I can't find 15 minutes to give back it's pretty sad! So please pray that I put him first!!! My kids are amazing! Madyson is growing up so quickly! She's such a sweet little girl! About a month before we were due to have Mr. Bryce, we noticed she was sort of lashing out a bit toward her friends/cousins! IT was like she knew a change was coming! She wold get a little mean and at the time we didn't know where it was coming from or exactly how to handle it! IT's so hard to deal with we turned to prayer and a bunch of trial and era techniques! We just needed to find out what method of disciplines seemed to work! Also at night when we were going to bed and doing our prayers...she always repeats what we say so I decided that we would start asking God to help us with this and she says "Dear God please help me to be nice to my friends" so it works! Prayer is amazing!! I can't believe its about 2 months until her 3rd birthday! For some reason I guess for many different reasons birthday's are hard from me, It sadness me that she is another year older and another year has gone by, but then again I'm excited to see all the many things she will do in the upcoming year! Bryson is amazing he is such a good baby! well so was Mady but He is just so easy going and just generally a mild manored little boy! He just seems to light up a room where ever we are! He is such a smiley little baby! He's a big boy! He at birth was a week early and weighed 8lbs 8oz. and at 5 weeks he was 12lbs 15 oz, just before he reached his 3 month mark he was 17lbs even! You should've seen him on that new born scale it was hilarious! All the nurses at the doctors were cracking up! Two weeks ago Tuesday we were at the doctors for his 1st sick appointment as well as Mady we hard a harsh cold that riped through this house like ab bandit! it was bad! He weighted 18lbs 2 oz! Both my babys were chunky and I love it!!! THere is something so incredibly cuddly about a chubby baby!! Bryce is so alert! Always has been, since he was really small he always was up looking around as well as so strong he holds his head up and his legs are incredible! HE loves loves his exersuaser! S/p? But he is grabbing and hold his toys and we think he is teething because everything is in his mouth and he is bitting down on it as well as well as me!! And it hurts! Mady never really bit down on me! Ouch! This weekend has been a busy one but I Like it that way We went our friend Jimmy's 2nd birthday yesterday and today we have our friend Kendall's 2nd bday today! I'm so glad they are both costume parties, I feel like we get more out of the costume instead of just one day! Mady is a bumble bee and Bryce is a Lion!! I also have a bear costume that Jayson's mom found for him so depending on how cool it is he will wear one of those! I'll be posting somw pictures of us and the kids soon! God Bless and have a great day!!!