Friday, March 9, 2012

A wife, Mother and Ministry leader

Hi Everyone over from!! Welcome to my little corner of the world! At first I wasn't sure if I should link up but I decided to! I am on Staff at our church and Have been since Sept. 2011 . I am a wife, Mommy of 3 and part-time Nursery Coordinator at our church! I work up to 8 hours a week and am so thankful that the Lord put me where I am! I am still able to be a full time Mommy and wife but I also get out just a little bit.
My job basically includes staffing our Volunteers for 3 services which are Saturday night at 5:30 and 2 Sunday Morning serves. My area we have 3 rooms and the are Guppies babies up to 1, the Turtles 1 year old room, and our Starfish who are 2! On weekends we have about 30 Volunteers I over see. I know most of you are from the south, but here in NJ I'm so thankful that God lead us to our church a little over 6 years ago!
Just to give you a little history on me and my husband, We both grew up in church our parents were both very active in ministry but our families were not pastors, they were active members in our churches, where our parents showed us what it meant to serve God weekly through the gifts of not only our money but how it was just as important to serve him and his people. Our parents were ushers (dads of course), Sunday School teachers and Superindendts, served in the kitchen for many meals being served. Youth group leaders the list goes on. It is there where both my husband and I understood what it means to be in ministry real ministry reaching real people through everyday life. I think sometimes people think you are only in ministry if your parents or you are pastors or Missionarys, but I want to encourage everyone that we are in ministry everyday of our lives. My mom taught me very early on that when you say you are a Christian it's a huge responsibility because people will always be watching how you live your life. How you handle situations and how you all others to see God as a very real and big part of your life. It is something both my husband and I hope we teach our children and instill in them to be in ministry in their churches with their families. It's very important for us to be examples to our children and teach them what it means to serve our amazing God!!!

I will tell you a little bit about us, My husband Jayson and I have been married 10 years and we have 3 amazing kids and an exchange student. We have Madyson who is 7, Bryce who is 4 1/2 and Meya (Mia) Hope who is 2. Our exchange student her name is Lingya in chinese but in English her name is Sandy. She goes to our local Christain School and will be with our family until June. She hopes and we do too that she will come back and stay with our family again next year. That is something else i want to touch on really quick. Sandy is a Christain she excepted Jesus into her heart last year when she was here in America going to school we are also ministers to her. We may very well be the only examples of Christians she will ever see in her life and that is not something we want to take lightly. Anways back to our family. I lost my dad last Feb. 2011 to a long fight with cancer. he is now in the best place ever but we miss him terribly here. I hope you enjoyed stoping by and please leave a comment and let me know you were here! Thanks so much


Danielle said...

Thanks for stopping by @sewmuchcrafting! You have a neat and needed ministry... Many parents get to be in church services without worrying about their kiddos. Keep serving!

A new follower!

Laura @ said...

Nice to meet you. Glad you linked up. My husband's parents live in NJ. Glad you are serving there. :)