Saturday, August 28, 2010


These Last few days have sure felt like fall! Cool nights and for almost a solid week now we have had our window's OPEN! Yes you read that correctly the window's are OPEN!!!!!! Although that is about to change we are suppose to be back in the 90's this week :-( Which doesn't thrill me but Can I just tell you all I am sooooo ready for Fall. If any of you know me personally you would know that i just LOVE FALL I love everything fall, pumpkin bread, leaves changing, Fall festivals, camping ( well learning to like it haha) and apple picking ahh just everything but my most Favorite thing about fall is COOL weather!! Taking the kids outside and not sweating to death..
We have had such a FUN summer! I'm so thankful for the time I have spent with the kiddies ! Our oldest Madyson starts Kindergarten in a little over a week! I can't believe she is that old already..It makes me want to cry but yet I'm so excited for her and her new adventure! I read at Heather 's blog which i just LOVE is praying with your little ones before they go off to school. Now I know this may see obvious I did pray FOR her but I did fail to pray WITH her! I am so excited to get this going, but what I loved most about her blog post is what she prayed about what they prayed about like having good attitudes and so on, but I def. was inspired so Thanks Heather for that post!!
I'm sooo excited that we are getting the opportunity to go to Disney World in just a few short weeks!! I'm not sure who is more excited Jayson and I or the kiddo's. It's our first "real" vacation since we have been married and it's going on 9 years! We have the privilege of going with my parents and My younger sister we have a villa in Old Key West! We just can't wait! We are so excited just thinking about it!! WE are so thankful we are able to do this! For those of you who don't know my dad has been sick the last 3 1/2 years with Prostate cancer and he is well enough right now to go and his dream was to take the kids meaning grand kids to Disney and he is getting to! This is HUGE for us and Makes me get all teary eyed just knowing how much fun we will have and seeing My dads face when he sees the kids' faces light up! It's been a LONG road the last year with his health and we are sooo thankful the good Lord has allowed for this trip to happen. So please keep my family in your prayers. I don't mention it hardly ever on here because it's something that's so hard for me to talk about let alone think about at times....
Well it's getting late and we have church in the morning! Just wanted to write a quick post and catch everyone back up! Hope all is well with you all


Heather said...

Ah, love it!! It really does help and your little ones will love doing it! Thanks for the mention too, your so sweet!